WellnessEndless possibilities of rest, relaxation and sports activities

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The modern wellness center of Hotel Rusava is a unique relaxation center with a pleasant atmosphere. The wellness center includes a Finnish sauna, a steam bath, a whirlpool and heated benches. In the evening, the wellness center is romanticly lit by tea candles and its relaxing atmosphere is emphasized by relaxing music.

Whirlpoolprovides enough space for 5 people

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The temperature of the water around 38 ° C is pleasant for tired muscles and joints. Whirlpool is equipped with side, rear nozzles and bottom swirl nozzles.

Whirlpool is a relaxation device working on the principle of hydrotherapy and combines underwater air massage with water jet massage. Hydrotherapy, in addition to releasing muscles, also removes tension, stress, and increases the overall immunity of the body. Its positive effect on weight loss, body shaping and cellulite removal is also proven. It balances blood pressure, improves blood circulation to the tissue and causes it to recover, strengthens blood circulation and the cardiovascular system and prevents the emergence of civilization diseases.


Sauna and steam bathThe wellness center has a modest outdoor seating area

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We offer two kinds of warming procedures - Finnish sauna and steam bath. Together with them, there are showers with gentle tropical rain and cool wooden bucket with ice water. The wellness center has a modest outdoor seating area where you can cool off in the open air and enjoy a healthy mountain air climate similar to that of the Low Tatras.

Finnish sauna

Sauna is one of the oldest relaxation and regeneration methods. Warming your body above normal body temperature is very pleasant and relaxing. Staying in a wood-lined room calms and relaxes the muscles, warms the body and soaks up harmful substances. It also has a beneficial effect on the human psyche, helps to counteract stress because endorphins are washed out into the body. Sauna has a beneficial effect on calmer heart activity, airway relaxation, joint and muscle pain relief. The body is heavily oxidized here, the skin pores and blood vessels widen, resulting in better skin breathing and blood supply to the limbs. With regular sauna treatments, total body hardiness and higher resistance to infections will be a positive result. Sauna has also a beneficial cosmetic effect, improves the softness of the skin, its freshness and appearance.
Our Finnish sauna is designed for about 5 people. The usual principle is that we enter the sauna naked, which is most appropriate because of the excretion of toxic substances from the body. The recommended length of sauna is about 15 minutes, for children about 5-10 minutes. In the Finnish sauna the temperature rises to 90 ° C and the humidity reaches about 75%.

Steam bath

It promotes blood circulation and contributes to relaxation. The beneficial effects of the steam bath are based on the increased moisture levels along with the heat, with the intention of removing harmful and poisonous products from the body, promoting circulation and contributing to relaxation. The temperature in the steam bath ranges from 35 to 45 degrees and the humidity can reach up to 100%. The steam bath is designed for 4 to 5 people. There are pleasantly heated seating benches.

The effects of steam are especially suitable for those with respiratory problems. Thanks to its pleasant temperature and high humidity, the steam bath is particularly suitable for all asthmatics or allergy sufferers.


Wellnessnew options for rest, relaxation and sports activities



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