Baths and wraps

You can enjoy a hydromassage or ingredient bath in the separate area of ​​our wellness center, where our trained staff will prepare a bath of your choice. For guests who enjoy more relaxing and beauty treatments "dry", we offer a range of wraps with beneficial effects on health and appearance.

Hydromassage bathpositively affects muscle fatigue, back and neck pain

Baths with a temperature of approx. 37 ° C are carried out in a special bath equipped with a system where air flows under high pressure through the jets and performs a full body massage. These baths have a positive effect on muscle fatigue, back and neck pain, chronic pain after injuries, and muscle stiffness caused by poor movement stereotypes. The treatment time is 20 minutes.

Additive bathhelps to relieve joint and spine pain

During the procedure, the elements contained in the bath are absorbed at a temperature of about 37 ° C and specific effects according to the chosen ingredient. There is relaxation, the bath helps to relieve joint and spine pain and also has detoxifying effects. The treatment time is 20 minutes. Bath additives according to the current offer.

Peat wrapis the most recognized form of thermal therapy

A disposable peat wrap can be used as a supportive means of muscle overload syndromes in sports, workloads, etc. Peat wrap is one of the most recognized forms of thermal therapy, which releases muscle contractions, detoxifies the body and relaxes the whole body. The form of disposable applications containing a large amount of organic and mineral substances that reach our body with the help of thermal support also has a beneficial effect on the skin. The treatment time is 20 minutes.

Baths and wrapsrelaxation and beauty treatments



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